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About monitoring heap of OBM java processes by the OMi Server Self-Monitoring Management Template.

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

JBoss's heap is sometimes depleted and Out-Of-Memory occurred. We would like to find it beforehand ,then safely restart services.

Java processes on the OBM output the heap usages to jvm_statitics.log, and the GC's activities are outputted to log files under the gc_logs folder. We can monitor heap usages (used and free) by jvm_statitics.log, and frequency of occurring full GC by log files under gc_logs.
To get a sign of the issue, we want to monitor these log files by OBM's self-monitoring.

Could you please provide OMi Server Self-Monitoring MT included monitoring these log files?


  •  - i would like to share the similar concern that this self monitoring package in reference is community supported and not by MF support contract we have. there is no guarantee about further development of this module and also there is no guarantee if issues faced will be resolved in time or resolved at all. Why cant we get something which is officially supported?

    btw i have installed it on one of our setup and Datasource is not created until now.



  • In the case of OBM 10.70 on Japanese environment, I could not use the content pack because affected by a defect of OA 12.06 bundled with OBM. OMi datasource was not created on the test box. Therefore Heap and No Heap usage is not appeared on the Performance Graph. I could not confirm it.
    However, on the other English environmen, I can confirm Heap and No-Heap usages on the performance graph.

    We hope that include Heap monitoring and GC monitoring into the bunded content pack, not content pack on the ITOM Marketplace. It looks like that a content pack on the Marketplace is not enough QA testing for non-English environment.


  • For now, marking it as already offered and if you think there is something specific missing here, please feel free to come back and we can re-open it for the specific ask.

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  • I could not find a  content pack that included policies to monitor jvm heap space usage  in the OBM 2018.05.

    Is it included policies to monitor frequency of full GC? We want to monitor also the frequency of it. We can forecast occurring heap shortage using it. 
    If it is not included the policies to monitor the frequecy of full GC,  want to include the policies to the content pack of Self-Monitoring .