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Add a granularity in the event status right configuration (work on and/or resolved)

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Needs Clarification
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9 months ago

We need to be able to assign either WORK ON permission and/or RESOLVED on event but with today’s interface we can only give and (both)

  • Hi,

    We are

    In our context:

    1. No one is allowed to close an event. Resolved event are closed by an automation rules after xx minutes. This allow teams to see the auto-resolved event in there dashboard for some time.

    2. We have an operation center receiving all event first. They will perform an associated procedure for each event. This team is not allowed to resolved event (event will get auto-resolved or required escalation, etc.). They will re-assigned event to teams for action or information if required.

    This team should not have the right to resolve an event, we had issues in the past of mistake made by resolving event and resulting in missed escalation.


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  • Hi,

    Not sure i understand the scenario. If a user is permitted to work on an event, why would he not be allowed to set the event to resolved state? there is a separate state "close" which can be used if users are not allowed to close the event but they can mark it as resolved.

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