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Add ability to export any displayed Table to CSV, or excel formats from any UI Table display

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

the ability to Export any Displayed Table of information in OMi needs to be expanded.  We currently use 10.12, and are while we appreciate that it is there in the events display, we would like to see it on any table display.  Places where we try to use it most often an it isn't there, are Display of nodes from the Monitored Nodes list.  We are constantly forced to take a screen shot, which we then have to retype when working on agent issues, or go back and forth back and forth which takes a huge amount of time.

List Assignments for policies.   We are always finding this to be a very painful process because it takes so long for the system to go get a list of the certain high use assignements.  When we want to do things, we could use a dump of the list to automate the work, but we can't dumpt it. 

Another possible solution may be to code the ability to copy and paste the content of the tables, but an export would be preferred.. 


Event Processing (MA Correlation..)
  • My apologies for not being clear Mgoyal!  If you to Administration/Monitoring/Policy Templates   select a template, and then list assignments, there is no way to get a consolidated list of what things are applied to servers.  There is a generate inventory report in a number of places, and while that is a nice report to put in a book for long term documentation, it's not useful for grab and go type applications....   Many of the Tables displays throughout OMi are very useful, and Since they have written the export to excel routine for the event list, it would be really nice if that routine was available on the tool bar of all of the table displays.


  • Agree, that documenting the Assignments of the policies is a pain taking task.

  • Hi Richard, thank you for submitting the idea. While i understand the first requirement, could you please elaborate more on the 2nd requirement, i.e. list assignment for policies, what is the current pain point and the expected result?

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