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add function in log file monitor—— the result can show the number of matches for each message

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11 months ago

when we monitor several message in the same log.
the log file monitor only can show the total sum up number of matches,
can't show the number of matches for each target message.

For log file monitor and Multi Log Monitor, if we set the content match as /(ERROR1|ERROR2)/, which means match ERROR1 or ERROR2, in one monitor running, if ERROR1 and ERROR2 occurred in the target log file monitor at the same time, the log file monitor will only show XX matches of XX entries.
The XX matches are the total sum up number of ERROR1 and ERROR2,
please consider adding the function to make the running result show as xx matches for ERROR1, and xx matches for ERROR2

for example,
target log file as follow:

normal monitor result:
4 matches

expected monitor result:
ERROR1 : 2 matches
ERROR2 : 2 matches

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