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Add include and exclude filters using config file for WRM and URM

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Under Consideration
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10 months ago

Currently we have over 60 SiteScope Servers.  When heavily use URM and WRM for monitoring Unix FS and Windows Logical Disk.  Currently when we are requested to add or remove a FS  for monitoring, we have to go through hundreds/thousands of monitors and 60 Sitescope Servers to make the change.  It would be a huge improvement, which other products have to control what is monitored based on a filter file.

For example in a URM, we should have in the monitor config an option to read a file that is either an include or exclude file and only monitor those FS that are in the file.  So if my DB servers should monitor FS that are different than my App servers, i can specify a db.fs.include or a app.fs.include

In the example, if i have a db,fs.include it may show

/FileSystems\\\/\/\\Use%/     >   95

/FileSystems\\\/\/var\/tmp\\Use%/     >    95

/FileSystems\\\/\/oracle\\Use%/    >    95

/FileSystems\\\/\/orashare\\Use%/     >    95


Format of file:

<metric or metric regex> <comparison> <threshold value>

And if the DB team adds tomorrow a new FS, like /oraexport, I can simply create a new db.include and distribute it to all my Sitescope servers or use automation to update this file across all my 60 servers.  Time savings will be immense.

For this to work, an updated file should

  • include the metric/counter so we know what URM/WRM should be monitored
  • threshold setting so that we also update the thershold in a single fashion.
  • allow for regex for maximum flexibility
  • In case counters have space in them we may need delimiters between the three fields in the file.

Bottom line allow the monitor config to be driven by a config file where the config can be controlled by the end user and pushed to all SiteScope Instances.

No known workaround today.


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