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Add KPI overtime user reports in OMi

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over 1 year ago

My current client is planning to migrate their BSM platform to OBM. They heavily rely on the BSM user report function to email out the KPI overtime report to their business group. Also, in the KPI overtime reports, all CITs and KPIs are customized ones.

Do we have a plan to add the user report (KPI overtime) feature in OBM?

If yes, when can this feature be available in OBM?

If no, what OOTB features can be used for a scheduled KPI overtime report with minimum scripting?


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  • Hello Kara and product team,

    More clients are asking for this overtime email report feature. Has this idea been accepted by Lab and scheduled to add it into the next product release? If yes, can we have the estimated delivery time?



  • Thanks a lot Kara!

    Dear colleagues, please vote to have the KPI overtime user report enabled in OBM.

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  • Thanks a lot for your reply. Much appreciate it.

    My customer has a full customized BSM environment which is out of normal support, so the plan is to move to OBM and decommission BSM. There are two features this customer requires for their customized KPIs/HIs (created for their unique CIT, e.g. AAA device status), one is CI status dashboard which OBM has, and another is the scheduled KPI overtime report via email to the business group. I think OBM does offer KPI overtime dashboard, but doesn't have scheduled user report function (e.g. email out last day KPI overtime report in PDF) which is available in BSM.

    Is there a way to schedule a job to convert the OBM KPI overtime report into PDF or CSV format and email it out?

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  • Kevin,


    Do you mean they will be decommissioning BSM completely? What KPI's and so on do you currently consume in the reports? I've attached a KPI over time report that is run in OBM.