Idea ID: 2867227

Add timestamp Field To Raw Data Tables in COSO Schemas

Status : New Idea

Brief Description:

The COSO raw data tables have time indicated with an integer field in Unix epoch time only. Aggregated tables, such as *_1h and *_1d, have both an epoch field and a timestamp field.

timestamp_utc_s (integer)

timestamp (timestamp_tz)

I am attempting to create reports and dashboards with Power BI but not having a timestamp field in the raw tables is proving challenging. I can transform each epoch field to a time field with a calculation but that limits functionality like the ability to use direct queries. Actual datetime/timestamp fields are handled natively and requires no calculations. I imagine this is similar in other BI tools.

Benefits / Value:

Having a datetime/timestamp field for the raw metrics will make them easier to use with BI tools.

Design details:

There are a dozen different ways to achieve this very easily.


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