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Allow Process metrics in OBM dashbord to be able to be exported to an excel to view

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over 1 year ago

Please allow Process metrics in an OBM dashboard to be able to be exported to an excel format to be able to view the process details. This feature was available in Performance Manager product to export process details from a node in OMW to an excel sheet and use the export to csv and then save it as an excel file so that we could view large amounts of process data in a formatted view. This is an example

The data would contain

Date\Time, Process name,  Process Id, CPU Percent, Application id, Resident Memory, Virtual Memory,

System CPU Percent, Parent Process Id, User Name, Cummulative run time, Alive in Interval


All of this information in columns for each process running during the time captured.

This should be a feature to click on export to Excel or even csv file.

Thank you,