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Allow replacement of PostGres for Operations Bridge Suite

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Allow replacement of PostGres for all situations where it is used in the Operations Bridge Suite.  We require substitution of this RDBMS platform. 


  • PostgreSQL is a main component of Operations Bridge Reporter, and it would be very labor-intensive and time-consuming to replace it; therefore, this could not be on our 2 year roadmap.

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    While i can understand the decision about external database usage, what is the issue if Postgres is internally used by a product? There are many technology components that are internally used by an application and it can be very tricky/complex to replace such components.

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    This is about Postgres in genreal and not specific to a particular version.  A Management/Architecture decision was made to remove Postgres from our environment, including where it is used embedded within another product.  The specific instance that I am concerned about for Operations Bridge Suite is in the Operations Bridge Reporter product, the management database uses Postgres for storing metadata and other statistics.  We would like to request the option to use another RDBMS for that function.

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    I do not quite understand the ask here? are you asking for a specific version of Postgres to be replaced? If yes, which component/product in OpsBridge?

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  • Great idea since postgre is EOL