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Alternative ways of treating decommissioned nodes with respect to policy undeployment

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over 2 years ago


When deleting a Node CI in OBM, I would like an option or behaviour in OBM that handles cases where the real-life node in question has already been shut down and removed from the network *prior* to its deletion in OBM/RTSM. Today a deletion in OBM always trigger deployment jobs that try to remove all assigned policies from the node. These jobs are doomed to fail, since the node does not exist anymore and hence a bunch of Warning events are created in the OBM Event Browser and the deployment jobs will remain in the list of (failed or suspended) jobs "forever" (read: until we delete the jobs manually).

When such node CI's are deleted in OBM/RTSM, I would certainly still want OBM to actually go on and delete it. I would would  also like OBM to remove all of the node CI's policy/aspect assigments from the databases, but I would also like it to handle scenarios where the node has at this stage already been decommissioned physically (or virtually, if we are talking about virtual nodes...).

In our environment this phenomenon is fairly common when nodes are decommissioned. The nodes then get deleted at some stage in an external UCMDB-server. The UCMDB server pushes its topology regularly over to OBM/RTSM. The node thus gets deleted from OBM as well upon the first push job after the deletion in UCMDB, and this triggers the mentioned (un)deployment jobs. At this stage, however, the nodes have already been physically shut down.

Frank Mortensen
Managon AB


  • Hi Frank,

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The scenario is quite familiar and common and i agree there should be a different way to handle the undeployment. Will be intersting to see if other customers also see the need and if they have found any alternatives to handle it.


    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX