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An option to select communication between HTTP \ HTTPS in ​OpsB Containerized

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over 3 years ago

There is no option to select communication protocol between HTTPS and HTTP during OpsB 2018.02 Containerized configuration.

From the guide:
ITOM Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) is designed to be part of a secure architecture and to deal with the security threats to which it could potentially be exposed.
To securely deploy the CDF, we recommends that you use the TLS/SSL communication protocol.

Option to choose communication protocol (using TLS/SSL or not) during setup or in config options.
They want option to disable SSL at all, and use HTTP only.

In customer case, OpsB used in internal trusted network where usage HTTPS is not necessary.
There are no internal certificate server. Using self-signed certificate is problematic, as they must exchange certificates and add it to different systems. Additionally coding\decoding messages give unnecessary payload on CPU.

The customer is aware that this is per design and is recommended to use TLS due to many security risks in one not secured involvement. 
However, they need the option to deselect the use of TLS/SSL in OpsB Containerized.


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