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APM Application Health - Show decimals on Availability/Performance metrics

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago



We would like to have a option to configure the shown decimals on the Application Health's -> Business Process Monitor pages as we need more precicion just like the "old" interface.

This means that the percentage at the top of the page will show decimals instead of being rounded.top_overall_percentage.png

++ and ++

Precision on metrics can be changed instead of being rounded or the 1 decimal which is shown ootb.



Please consider to give us an option to configure the decimals on the data.

The shown percentage on the top of the page is rounded. This shouldn't happen as this value is incorrect!

The percentage shown in the top of the page is incorrect, but the XHR call returns data with multiple decimals, so the data is already present but just shown differently (rounded) by the interface.

Example below. Take a look at the first image which says 97% Availability and 89% Performance. Instead of the actual 96.53% and 89.21%.
Below is the returned data on the given call which is done to retrieve data in Appl. health: https://<APM URL>/eum-web/bsmproxy?method=eumReports/applicationIsolation/statuses
As you can see, the actual data should be:

  • availPercentage: 96.52777777777779
  • perfPercentage: 89.20863309352518
{"message":"OK","success":true,"timeFrame":"2/26/2019 6:42 AM-8:42 AM (GMT+1:00)GMT+01:00","timeFrom":1551159759,"timeTo":1551166959,"applicationId":"41fa688c86e4ae5ba90873f4c5af6efe","availStatus":"ok","perfStatus":"ok","availPercentage":"96.52777777777779","perfPercentage":"89.20863309352518","responseTime":"9253.705035971223","countOkValue":"102.0","countMinorValue":"22.0","countCriticalValue":"15.0","totalAvailable":"139.0","totalHits":"144.0"}