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APM DB support for mysql and postgres DB

Status : Declined

current APM requires high performance features that's only available in enterprise DB product, considering ongoing new stack work, we won't have investment to add mysql and postgres into classic APM. Future APM stack will use OPTIC data lake which will come with APM license.

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over 1 year ago

We have proposed the MF APM solution to one of our esteemed client for the application performance monitoring of their new application.

Since APM only supports MSSQL/Oracle as  a supported database for now, customer is hesitant for purchasing a MSSQL/Oracle licenses due to high cost.

As this has become challenge for us to proceed with the deployment of APM, we would like to request the Microfocus development team to include/develop the support for opensource databases like mysql, postgress for APM product suite which will help reduce the cost factor involved for DB licensing.

We look forward to see positive response on same.

Thank you!


Hanumant Madane


  • It would be great to extend DB support and add for example MySQL.

    AppDynamics use MySQL in their solution.

    Dynatrace - Elasticsearch. 

  • Excellent idea indeed, since COSO is the go-for strategy requiring Vertica DB that another cost consideration to put in perspective. On the other hand, we have had embedded PGsql in OBM working well and MySQL have proven itself  with RUM engine which collects alot of network data; we should start offering these DBs as a deployment choice with APM, at least for PoC purposes for a start. 

  • Critical to have this support to make solution viable. 

  • Really Supporting this idea because due to availability of lot of free Ware Monitoring Solutions Tools available in market , All the customers cant opt for such a costly product . 

    There are various type of  customers like  small scale ( who can bear risk and less features  by opting some free ware product) 


    Large and Critical customer ( Banking )   ( They cant bear risk and need all feature )  .