Idea ID: 1765150

[APM] RUM Transaction configuration for parallel, out-of-order actions/pages

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

APM RUM transaction configuration lacks the possibility of recognizing complex transactions which include adjacent, out-of-order actions/pages.

We would like to be able to customize transaction definition so that, given a set of named pages (P1...PN), only transactions following these rules are registered:

  1. P1 and P2 are accessed in order;
  2. P3 to PN are accessed in ANY order;
  3. only named pages are included (P1 to PN).

In some of our scenarios, when microservices are concerned, information is accessed and retrieved through parallel, out-of-order HTTP requests. However, with the current configuration options, it's not possible to set up a correct monitoring.