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Automated UCMDB maintenance for the UCMDB instance shipped with OBM...

Status : Under Consideration
9 months ago


Experience shows that one of the problems with UCMDB which is shipped with OBM is that generally treated as if it’s a self-contained self-managing entity when it’s not.  It’s a UCMDB instance which also needs management and maintenance.  While we do have UCMDB documentation which covers UCMDB, I don’t think many OBM Customers never get that far in the documentation or consider UCMDB as something which needs maintenance.

Since OBM is automation software, please can OBM and UCMDB products be enhanced to automatically follow guidance in for the UCMDB contained within OBM.

What are the best practices to manage the UCMDB shipped with OBM or do you just follow the guidance in



  • Given the amount of self monitoring that is provided for the OBM application and that the RTSM\uCMDB is core to OBM working, I find it crazy that there is no self monitoring mgt pack that contains logfile, process monitoring, metric collection and reporting plus of course runbook automation to complete maintenance


    This should include UD and DFP as well


    Please move this to in build