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AWS MP 2019.11 Deprecations || RBA type AWS Generic discovery method || Idea to reduce efforts

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Under Consideration
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10 months ago

    Here is a brief intro of the trouble i landed into , AWS RBA Method to discovery AWS Generic topology works but its of no use as with this topology we need to build everything manually , what is the use of MP if we have to rebuild policies .

    We always see OBM as a tool of monitoring automation  and when it comes to cloud we want the AWS MP RBA method capable of automating this type of discovery to be able to show different AWS service views after discovery , but we have just one view ie Generic Discovery .

    In most organizations Information security is blocking the use of Acess key and Serect key and AWS classic discovery is fading away , in this perspective RBA is good , but its not up to the mark for full AWS solution , we have to compromise with the capabilities no Monitoring Automation , no variety in  topology , no out of the box Aspects for RBA method , Policies have to be rebuild wrt to RBA,its really heartbreaking .

    Is there any other way to use AWS MP 2019.11 to use all its features without using secret key and access key , using other than Classic discovery option . [Information security concerns matter a lot these days  ]

    Any suggestions to use Assume role or vault is good , but i wanted to make sure i am getting capabilities like AWS classic method . Is that possible ? Experts please advice . 


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  • We have initiated discussions with Amdocs, and gathering details on how to generate the essential policies under generic discovery. Based on the conclusion, this idea would be taken up further for release backlog discussions