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AZURE MP | Get VMs guest metrics

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6 months ago


We are using Azure MP to monitor AzureVM (among other services) and we need be able to get "advanced" VMs metrics (disk space, logical disk, memory...). To achieve it, we need to activate "Azure agent" and "Diagnostic settings" in order to collect advanced metrics. But after doing that, MP is not able to collect those metrics.

As for official documentation ( we can only get metrics from "basic/standard (Virtual machine host)" namespace but not for "Guest (classic) namespace".

Talking with MF RnD team, those "guest" metrics are stored into a "storage account" and it is necesary to make a new development to get those metrics.

I thinks that it's very important that this MP can get those "standard" metrics, such as memory or disk space.

I attach a picture with one of the metrics I talking about.

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Content - Integrations
  • Correlation of Azure MP and Cloud Optimizer metrics would do it, but it should come from one source with no manual intervention.

  • Disk space monitoring is very important and many of our customers are asking for it. Current Azure MP monitors only the VM metrics, not the guest metrics.

    Please include at least logicaldisk counters for now.


  • I would take it even a step farther by saying that all cloud management packs should mirror the same capabilities as the Operations Agent and Cloud Optimizer, with regard to the following:

    1. Actionable Alerts/Events (AVENTS) - meaning only RCA events that would result in a ticket and associated SMTP/SMS alert.
    2. Stream-Based Event Correlation (SBEC)
    3. Topology-Based Event Correlation (TBEC)
    4. Performance Metric Acquisition, Analysis and Streaming
    5. Comprehensive Topology Collection for all Cloud Resources, including CI Types, Attributes, CMAs, Tags, etc.