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BPM 952 truClient-Web scripts replay in BPM

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11 months ago

Hello All,
as there is an old issue in BPM 9.52 (and earlier) regarding Truclient Web scripts, i would like to create the CR.

BPM 9.52 does not replay TC and TC-WEB scripts when running as a SYSTEM user (once you just run it from Start Menu).
As a workaround, You need to run BPM as a process from command line, which is just rediculous, as user needs to be logged-in full-time with command line opened.

It would be nice to have this Vugen/BPM protocol running properly.

Kind Regards
jakub zabijak


Synthetic Transaction (BPM)
  • Well, the statement is:


    >>All the true client scripts have to run as a process if you have issue/s.


    All I can say is, that all my TruClient Scripts are running fine, even if BPM runs as Service under SYSTEM User -> I don't have issues with that.

  • this is MF's statement not so far a long time ago


    From: Bobi Bozhilov <**PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED**>
    Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2020 8:34 AM
    Subject: RE: BPM 9.52 - Truclient web script window size case: SD02729095



    Hi Jakub,


    Thank you for the reply.


    1. All the true client scripts have to run as a process if you have issue/s, no  matter if they are TC web or something else. This is the case since years, but if you want something to change in regards to this you can log this as “ER” and eventually this will be fixed in a new version of the product. I can see that you have tried everything already, like running the instance as a specific user, however this is how the product works by design so I don’t think there is much left that we can try.
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  • Even if the BPM runs as SYSTEM user,

    you can specify the BPM instance to run as a specific user.

    In BPM Admin UI go to the Instance configuration tab and enter a user in the section "Run as specific user".

    You also need to login to the BPM machine with this user at least once (via RDP for example), so that the Windows user profile gets created.

    With that TC scripts can be replayed.