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CDE creates duplicate content

Status : Already Offered
Already Offered
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over 3 years ago

Product: OBR Content Development Environment (CDE)

Version: CDE 10.20/10.30

Problem description:

CDE creates duplicate content during content pack (CP) creation. For example, ovpl perl scripts are copied both to the perl directory (for runtime) and to the CP directory (for deployment).

This is very confusing and hard to maintain in case of a CP with many views or scripts.

Besides increased complexity, CP creation takes much longer.


Copy content to correct target directory according to intended use (runtime, CP deployment).




  • CDE workspace has a single sub-folder for placing perl scripts. Based on script usage (dpeloyment, runtime etc), the tool maintains the perl scripts in either main/sub-folder of the generated package.

    This should not cause any maintenance overhead as content developer maintains the scripts via the workspace only (and not on the compiled/generated content package).