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Click a tool to run it without being prompted again in a popup

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

When you click on a Tool to run, a popup window appears and you have to click "Run" to run it.  This is two clicks to run a tool.

Request to solve via two complementary approaches:

1. If you click a Tool to run it, then it should run if there are no other options needed (ie, no "Next" button that could prompt for other settings).
A similar behavior is already possible with Actions, where there is a one-time Confirmation pop-up that says "Start action xxx?" with a "Don't show this dialog again." check box.

2. Regardless of whether there are optional "Next" options, allow to double-click on the Tool in the Action Panel to indicate to run it without a popup.  A single-click would still behave as it does currently.