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Compare different monitor elements in the same graph in PMI

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over 2 years ago

Currently, PMI allows for comparing metric values of only the same metric element.  For example it is possible to compare interface A bytes in, on system A with interface A bytes in, on system B.  It is not possible to compare interface A bytes in, on system A with interface B bytes in on system B.  The metrics provide similar numbers, but there is no mechanism to compare them currently in PMI on OBM.

It is possible to graph the same metric for interface A and interface B on system A.  It should then be possible to have a graph of two different interfaces on two different systems.

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  • I am using OBM 10.70 on Linux.  The screen shot would be similar to viewing two (or more) different interfaces from a single device in the same graph, which is doable now.  I just want to extend that functionality to two (or more) different interfaces from two (or more) devices.

    With a single device I can just keep adding metrics, but that is not a facility when comparing two CIs.




  • Hi Mel, which version of OBM are you referring to and can you please share a screen shot of what you are trying to achieve?

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