Idea ID: 1686047

Create and edit BPM alerts in Application Health module

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We would plan to offer EUM (changing thresholds of BPM transactions, changing other moniitoring config, adding or updating BPM alerts) as self service however the performance is not good enough to offer to our end-users, so we plan to offer the functionality via the new Application Health module. Currently the adding and editing of alerts in the Application Health is not possible, so we are unable to deliver this as self-service to our users. We would like to request that the funcitonality to be able to add and update BPM Alerts is added to the Application Health module.


Synthetic Transaction (BPM)
  • Short term we are working on a fix to improve the performance of the local client and the applet UI.

    In future we are working on a tighter integration into the ITOM platform and the Operations Bridge. With this move we will provide a enhanced event and alert handling incuding administration.