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currently BPM 9.40 with LR 12.55 does not support SAP GUI on Windows 10

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over 3 years ago

if you install BPM 9.40 on a windows 10 (windows server 2016) machine where SAP GUI 7.40 is installed and working, the SAP GUI only shows an empty window after a reboot after the BPM 9.40 installation and SAP GUI BPM scripts stoped running. Micro Focus Support wrote "not supported" to BPM 9.40 on windows 10 for SAP GUI.

It would be great if the reason for this problem in windwos 10 / windows server 2016 could be identified and solved in a newer BPM version

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  • As this is a technical limitation of the other product consumed by BPM, this is being declined.


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  • This is a limitation from the Load Runner that is embedded inside BPM.

    As per the Load Runner documentation;

    Protocols not supported:

    The following protocols are currently not supported on Windows 10 or Windows 2016:

    • RTE (Remote Terminal Emulator)
    • SAP GUI
    • Ajax - Click and Script

    Hope this helps !!