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Diagnostics 9.5x Java agent support for CentOS & Ubuntu

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Submitted on behalf of large Financial institution in the US, they rely on Diagnostics extensively to monitor, trace & measure various JVMs probes in heterogenous environment. Recently they added Centos/Ubuntu OS to their infrastructure (dropping Redhat EL) and have applications that need to be instrumented with Java probes. they are requesting to Micro Focus to include CentOS/Ubuntu as supported platforms.

As seem indicated in Java Agent Guide, that all Unix platfroms supported in chapter 3 : Installing and Configuring Java Agents
Step 1: Obtain the Installation Package
   For All other platforms, including AIX, HPUX, Linux, or Solaris:
    - DiagJavaAgent_<release number>.zip        or     - DiagJavaAgent_<release number>.tgz  

 We need a formal statement about supportability of Java agent on CentOS/Ubuntu so that Diagnostics remain relevant in this customer site.