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Documentation detailing exclusions for anti-virus software for APM(BSM)/BPM, SiS, OMi

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

A client has requested detail documentation regarding any recommends files and/or folders that should be excluded from virus scanning.

This is something that is not currently documented and after raising a support case it was suggested the best course of action was to raise an ER in this forum.


Agentless (SiteScope)
Synthetic Transaction (BPM)
  • MP should not have any issues with antivirus scans.

    We don't test for all alerts resulting from a virus scanner and would not have knowledge of all the files/folders that vulnerability scanner tools target; and consequently would not have the information to document accurately.  

  • Nice idea.

    I'm testing Active Directory MP and antivirus machine takes a high cpu when deploying policies, maybe related to scanning files from MP.