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Enhance Documentation for APM-OMi integration: About Integration User creation when LDAP is enabled

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over 2 years ago

Below situation was not documented in the OMI - APM guide so that customer had difficulties with troubleshooting and finding solution.

Steps 2 of OMi - APM failed due to integration user issue although integation user was created in RTSM jmx console. LDAP is used on APM side and no equivalent user was created in APM console. 

The issue was only fixed after disabling LDAP in APM and creating the same integration user in APM console with SuperAdmin privilege. 

Referring to QCCR8D36933 those steps also mentioned to be done but in the guide still not includes it yet

- In your APM deployment go to Platform > User and Permissions > User Management
- Select the Operations Management form the Context drop down list
- Select Create New Users with the same UserName as the Integration user created in step1
- Go to the tab Permissions
- Grant role Administrator to your integration user
- Click Apply Permissions to finish
In brief, creating user in RTSM is not enough, the integration user needs to be added to APM console as well. LDAP should also be temporarily disabled.
Above steps was not clearly specified in the guide so please look into it and update in the next release.
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