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Exporting Policy Rules For A Particular Node As a Report or Doucment

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over 2 years ago

We are often asked the question "What are you monitoring on my server?" i.e. What are the actual active monitoring rules (not a list of the deployed policies).

Without extracting every deployed policy / aspect to raw format and sending them this (yuck) there is no way of telling anyone what monitoring configuration is deployed to each server.

Could MF provide a way of generating a report of all the monitoring rules deployed to a particular node that OBM uses could generate themselves from the GUI? They can then come to the OBM admins armed with exactly what they require changing without the admins having to extract and trawl through each aspect / policy.

I believe Blue Elephant Midas was the equivalent for OML OMW where you could extract / generate a document containing all the monitoring config deployed. Something similar would be excellent. Far more useful than the 'New Scoring Tool' for operators to rate tools that was released in version 2019.05 (not a great use of your developers time). Please lets have something useful rather than gimmicks. There are plenty of great 'functional' ideas in this forum that have been here for years but haven't been implemented.



  • We have been using the Policy Reporter tool posted on the marketplace but it has its limits.

    I would like it if we could somehow to a mass dump of the raw policies based on a given top-level Template Group name instead of having to do it one policy at a time manually. 

    Once I have the raw policies in text files, then I can use perl or some other program or script to parse it as desired and dump the desired info out to tab delimited format so we can open in Excel.

    In the old HPOM I had a custom perl script which did a parse of the policy files in a given policy group and dumped the desired data out to a directory with a xls dump file containing the desired data (note the file was actually tab delimited but we named it with .xls extension)).  It was nice since I could then send the excel files to the customer so they would know what the thresholds were for each Condition/rule, and whether it would send out a notification and whether it would create a Remedy Ticket, and all kinds of other Event attributes.  Sort 1 was Policy Name and Sort 2 was the Condition Number.

    if I could get the raw policy dumps from OMi (mass dump based on the top-level Template Group name, not one at a time!) then I could run the old perl script I used in HPOM to parse them as we did before.  That would be a big plus!

  • Far more useful than the 'New Scoring Tool' for operators to rate tools that was released in version 2019.05 (not a great use of your developers time).

    >>>> I was talking to my colleague same thing. btw did anyone saw such a IDEA in Portal and voted for it?