Idea ID: 1678475

Extend OBR sqlexecutor to return to StdOut

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

Brief Description
OBR's sqlexecutor command is a nice feature to run sql-scripts against the OBR Vertica PMDB, without having to enter a password.
Unfortunately it does not return the output to StdOut (anymore). So it can not be used for "select" SLQ statements - just create/update/delete SQL.
The request is to bring back the output to screen/StdOut for sqlexecutor.

Benefits / Value
- Often scripts to query and manage OBR data are needed on command-line
- scripts need a secure and passwordless access to Vertica PMDB
- vsql is not a option as the password is visible / needs to be specified
- This used to work in earlier versions of OBR/SHR

Design Details
- Show the output of sql statements (as in previous OBR/SHR versions or as mgmtsqlexecutor does)
- Alternatively, provide other ways to run passwordless SQL code on Vertica PMDB from the OBR server.

  • Is sqlexecutor's password coming from $PMDB_HOME/data/config.prp?

    Is creating and using additional vertica database users with the minimum required permissions for the select queries a better option than using the dbadmin account via sqlexecutor?