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Extend the OBM self monitoring package to support CDF-based OBM

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago


The currently available OBM self-monitoring packages are updated every once in a while to support latest releases and add more functionality. But all of them bear a restriction of coverage:

The Release Notes state:

Note: This content pack is not supported in an Operations Bridge Suite container deployment.

Most of my customers are still on "classic" implementations, so this is not a big limitation to them, yet. But on the way to enterprise readiness and "feature parity" between the editions I would like the coverage of this advanced self-monitoring package to be extended to CDF-based installations as well.

Furthermore I would like it to include monitoring of the CDF itself, as this is now an essential component for the stability of an OBM installation. At the moment the Docker MP is not an alternative or even an option, as the current(?) CDF runs on Docker 1.13.1 and the MP would support up to 1.12.1 only. And what about Kubernetes and the other subcomponents of the CDF?

I would like the OBM self-monitoring package to ensure the proper operation of the entire OBM stack on top of the OS, regardless of "classic" installation or "container-based"?

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Lars Droege
Senior Consultant
IT unlimited AG

  • Hi,

    We are looking into it, evaluating what needs to be done and how. At this point, not able to put a timeline but once we have the concrete plan in place, this idea will be updated.

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    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX

  • A compete self-monitoring of CDF is definitely required. I would suggest a good troubleshoot documentation for CDF as today most of the support cases end up with MF development team.
  • Besides the self monitoring functionality I´d also like to see much more documentation and guidelines around the CDF framework. As MF insists on its own kubernetes framework and doesn´t allow the container deployment in a native cloud environment, there should be more support around that.