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For OM as topology source to OBR: make selectable wheather disabled nodes shall be included

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Brief Description

In an OBR setup where OM(L) is acting as the topology source only nodes that are "controlled" Node-Type are included and provisioned in OBR. The idea is that OBR should be configurable to include also other Node-types (i.e. "monitored only", "message allowed" , "disabled" ) in its topology and for OA-collections. 

Benefits / Value  

In an environment where the lifecycles of a Node in monitoring and reporting is different, a proper solution can be build:
For example a node is not yet under productive Monitoring (= "Disabled" in OM) but it can and should be already get the performance data collected by OBR. Or OBR should do Perf-Collections from a Node, even though the node is "just" message-allowed in OM. ... many more scenario are possible

Design Details

Have a configuration file, to incluence the SN-Collector's SQL query to the OM-Database. In this config file the desired Node-Types to include can be given ("controlled" is the default)