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Improve Usability of Policy Editors

Status : Under Consideration

Some of the aspects mentioned in this request are treated as defects and have been either fixed or will be fixed in the upcoming release; Others are also being looked it though all may not be possible especially around the color scheme.

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8 months ago

The new b/w grey design may have a stylish look but in my personal opinion the usability is  absolutly low.

The lack of colors makes it hard to find or regognice e.g. polcies by types. The small symbols look all the same.

Also the buttons are hard to recognize.

Customer needs to work with this everyday so the usability should be a priority.

I already miss the flash UI, and usability there was also not great but much better than what 2020.10 brings.

its really annoying!!!!!!!!



  • Can you please be more specific what you mean with that? For every policy type that has an HTML editor available, the "edit" action will open the HTML version of the editor.

    The flash editors are still around, so if you want to use them, you have to use the direct URL instead. But in this case it would be interesting, which feature of the flash editor you're missing (and for which policy type) besides the general comments already mentioned above.

  • It looks for me that IP1 patch breakes flash editors for polices.

  •  ,  

    Unfortunately this request is getting very generic and hard to manage in the idea exchange. As for the hidden access to policy parameters, please vote on this request here:

  • Thank you very much,  . Most of what you reported is on our list already - partially these are clearly defects like the cropped fields and buttons outside the window frame.


    I am glad that you asked about detailed feedback.

    Beside from fixing the defects in the UI the first thing i receommend to do some daly operation business like to create or change a few policies by yourself and find out how annoying this process is now compared to the flash UI.

    The missing rightclick context menue is the first thing you will miss. Copying polices from one group to another is now a messy work.

    There is no button to access and edit policy parameter easily. in some policy types this exist in some not.

    The buttons are not really highlighted in the UI. its just grey text and symbols everywhere. hard to recongize.

    Fields are cropped so the input data is hard to read and edit.

    Buttons are outside of the window frame ... and so on.

    my personal favorite is a that username/password fields in polices are not mask to not use autofill by the browser. so be aware to press save without checking this, after deploying the policy it will no longer works. I opened a case for this but support does in now way yet understand at all why this is a issue. 

    This ia also annoying as when once edited a field with a pattern after that this pattern is suggested in the next policy, too.