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Improve Usability of Policy Editors

Status : Under Consideration

Some of the aspects mentioned in this request are treated as defects and have been either fixed or will be fixed in the upcoming release; Others are also being looked it though all may not be possible especially around the color scheme.

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7 months ago

The new b/w grey design may have a stylish look but in my personal opinion the usability is  absolutly low.

The lack of colors makes it hard to find or regognice e.g. polcies by types. The small symbols look all the same.

Also the buttons are hard to recognize.

Customer needs to work with this everyday so the usability should be a priority.

I already miss the flash UI, and usability there was also not great but much better than what 2020.10 brings.

its really annoying!!!!!!!!




    Thank you very much, This is extremely helpful. Screenshots 1-3 are showing clearly broken UI layouts. I can see the duplicate scrollbars, which will break the layout in various ways

    Definitely issues we have to look into. 

  • Sure  , I will try my best. Below, I am browsing UI with highest resolution possible to replicate bigger screens ( Its more difficult for normal screen users ))

    • Half of the screen is wasted and not usable where we clearly have a need for space. ( Screenshot 1 )
    • There is no full screen option (Popup) ( Screenshot 1 )
    • We cannot see complete field names. (example : Title ) no text wrapping  ( screenshot 1)
    • There is no horizontal scroll bar as well to indicate that there are components on right side ( Screen shot 1 )
    • Edit buttons are completely out of alignment and we must go to far right to even see it. ( screenshot 2 )
    • Policy parameters are somewhere hidden for any new user (Screenshot 3))
    • There is no clear separation between Send event, Continuous event & End event. It looks very confusing. ( screenshot 4 )
    • Below is a reference of old interface as you can see every information is available on the same screen and easily accessible and its like a step by step UI where even a new user get an idea on how to configure a policy, but with HTML, I don’t think a new user will ever able to understand how to create a policy easily. ( Screenshot 5)

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Screenshot 3


    Screenshot 4 

    Screenshot 5

    Hope this helps !

  •  For your points 2, 3, and 4 adding screenshots to understand your problem better are invaluable.  Can you add a few, highlighting these issues please?

    Please note that we are working on the editors and continuously improving these, while there are different revisions. Screenshots will help a lot here to pinpoint the issues.

  • Policy editing is now really a tough experience for many users. I will highlight few points

    1) Policy parameter, In old UI this was available on same screen, on new UI it took some time to find it hidden inside the options.

    2) For each Sub-UI we get a sliding UI which only appear half of the screen, This do not give enough space to see the UI ( Give an option to make these full screen mode )

    3) Even edit button for options like threshold editing, event edits etc. are hidden far right. ( There is no horizontal scroll bar which indicates there are contents or buttons on the right side )

    4) Not every one use the big screen monitors, specially working from home most of the employees use their own laptops. I wish these UIs adjust really well on small screens as well.

    5) Not to mention, there are policy editors which require raw mode editing, we will require all this back in our OBM,

    Please note that these are admin level interfaces, there are lot of work admins do every day on these screens, and making things easily is more important than the animations.

    Hoping for lot of improvements on coming days. Thanks

  •   - It does not help much in my opinion. I understand your limitations but if I were you, I would make 3-4 possible UI  proposals which allow you to follow corporate style guides and offers maximum what you can and may ask for votes. -KAKA-