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Improvement of KPI over Time page

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over 1 year ago

After we model a service, the customer needs an overview of service availability (in percentage). Typically we would use "KPI Over Time" dashboard with a widget "OK Status Percentage". The problem with this widget is that it only calculates the percentage of time a service (its CI) is in normal status. Customers use complex propagation rules and all of them use all five CI statuses (Normal, Warning, Minor, Major and Critical). Only "Critical" status indicates service is down. In all other statuses the service is still available. Also, the gauge on the widget shows a mathematical notation (ex. 99.3%). The standard in calculating availability/SLA is 7 digits, so the widget should reflect that. I propose to enhance the "KPI over Time" dashboard in two ways: 1. Allow some configuration of what constitutes a service availability/unavailability. For example: Critical status = Service unavailable, all other statuses= Service is available. 2. Enhance the gauge to show 7 digits (Availability = 99.99432%) as is the standard in Availability/SLA calculations.


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  • Hi everyone,

    i'm facing the same issue than Bogdan, i know the suggestion has been declined but i would like to have access to the script that Asaf created, maybe you can share it?.

    And i want to ask if Bogdan found a workaround to the decimal display.

    Hope you can help.




  • Thank you for the info, Gary. With Asaf we were able to implement the desired logic in the dashboard, based on his groovy rule. It works very well. The only shortcoming is that the "Not in OK Status Percentage" widget shows the result with a single decimal place (ex. 99.8%). Would it be feasible to increase display to 3 decimal places (ex. 99.876%)? That way the customers could see the fabled "five nines" in their service availability. I imagine this would be a minor change in the widget and it would not require much effort.

  • Thanks Bogdan for the idea.  While this is a valid idea, the KPI over time is not the correct place to measure at such a large significant value; rather this will be done in the Service Level Managerm (SLM) feauture module in OpsB, which is still a backlog item. There is no commited timeframe for SLM inclussion yet. 

  • Hi Bogdan,

    I created a groovy rule which will show KPI's value as Availability from beginning of a period (Day, Week or Month) calculated based of sibling KPI (like System Availability).

    Let me know if you will want to test this approach.