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In BSM there is a screen Metrics and Indicators to sync ETI to SiteScope . It doesn't exist in OMi

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We need to have the same BSM feature to but able to create custom ETI in OMi and synchronize to SiteScope.

the workarround that we found is to directly add ETI on indicators.xml in SiteScope level but some time the file is crushed by some sync mecanism.

This feature is very usefull because we are able to send for each sitescope monitor events very specific

Example, for a ping monitor we send availabity event or performance event and not just one global event.

A performance event is not able to have an impact on availabity.




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Agentless (SiteScope)
  • Hi,

    while we understand that this feature of SAM module no longer exists in OBM, will it be sufficient if there is a file on the OBM server that can achieve the same? You mentioned that the indicators.xml file needs to be udpated in the sis server, could you please share the details of this work around and where did you find it?

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