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Include All Windows Automatic Service and All Service Hung Monitoring Pack as Part of Product

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over 2 years ago
  • Brief Description
    •      Use "Event From Perl" monitor leveraging built-in "SC.exe" to monitor all Windows Services set to Automatic and return Windows or Service Exit Code to Operator along with Definition to aid in troubleshooting.
  • Benefits / Value
    •      Discovering OS and Application Issues faster and in a more 'one-size-fits-most' way.  Using native OS applciation SC.exe versus WMI the queries are more dependable and faster.  Rationale is that if a Service is important to be set to Automatic then it should be up and running.  Many applications have multiple services that may fail but not immediately affect the applicatino but have long-term ramifications i.e. SQL Agent Service may cause Maintenance Jobs to fail which impact things like Backups failing, leading to Disk Full conditions or worse when main SQLServer.exe fails.
  • Design details 
    •      While I already have created this, I would like to have it officiallly supported as part of the product and have my customer know that it is sanctioned and supported.  I also would like to see my external text files incorporated into the agents new Unified Database.
    •    I also used same code to Monitor All  Services for Hung Condition and will also Close Original upon returning to normal Operation.  
    • I am attaching a OneNote that further describes logic and details.  Also including the Content Pack as well as the original Perl Code for  both scripts (see attached
  • Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your idea and sharing the code. I will ask the team to take a look at it but in the meanwhile feel free to share your work with the OpsB practitioners.


    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX