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Information of duplicated events in OMi/OBM

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A new event may be a duplicate of an existing event. As new events are received, they are checked against existing events. If duplicates are found, new information is used to update the existing event and the new event is ignored. If duplicate event suppression is enabled, new events that are duplicates of an existing event are not retained and the original event is updated. 

Are we able to save the information of all duplicated events in the DB or in event detailed or a report in the OMi server. 

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  • I would like to know if email notification can be send for duplicate events

  • @binuj, first part of your comment is not true. Are you aware of these infra settings in OBM, under duplicate event suppression settings:

    Update Custom Attributes of Original Event Semicolon-separated list of custom attributes that are updated in the original event with the values of the last duplicate event. The original event is not updated if no values are set in the last duplicate event.     Update Description of Original Event Update description of original event with description of last duplicate event.
      Update Severity of Original Event Update severity of original event based on selected mode. The mode values are:
    - Use new (severity value)
    - Most critical (severity value)
    - No (do not change severity of event)
      Update Title of Original Event Update title of original event with title of last duplicate event.


    , your requirement is still not clear. Are you suggesting that all events should be stored in the DB even if these are duplicates?

  • When a duplicate alarm is received ttitle etc. are not updated while updating the duplicate count.

    In the case of File System, DB tablespace monitoring etc. Once the threshold is breached an alarm is raised with the current used space etc. of the file system or table space but when duplicate alarms comes these values are not updated. so an initial critical alarm came that 90% utilization has breached but when the duplicates are enabled the title is not updated and hence even if the space utilized reached 100% the event will still show the title with the utilization as 90% ( the initial alarm info)

    Another issue is that for duplicate events OMi does not support sending notification

  • Hi Mgoyal,

    The requirement is to save the information(title, description etc.) of all duplicated events  in the DB or in event detailed or a report in the OMi server as I mentioned above.

  • What is the requirement here? You already mentioned how the de-duplication works.