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Integrate Agent HEalthview into OMi

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Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

Agent Healthview is a valuable tool managing Agents.

But at the moment it has a seperate UI. With seperate LDAP Configuration, Installing it on the OMi Server itself causes issues with the Upgrade process with OMi (especially 10.70). This all causes efford in maintenance and during upgrade. Installing Healthview on a seperate server isnt what customer likes. Customer likes to consolidate not to expand the VM environment with an extra server for each OMi component..

So please integrate the Healthview Page into OMi, e.g. as a  Dashboard.


  • This continues to be in our plans but got delayed due to other priorities. For now, moving it to "under consideration" state until we have more concrete timelines planned for this capability.

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  •   We would like to know some more information on this idea being accepted. What is the plan on integrating agent healthview into OMi. We see few other ideas being kept duplicate pointing to this idea and what is the status of this ??

  •  - is this how you solved this ER? -KAKA-

  • You can add health view url (http://<Hostname>:8081/HV/) as a component and create a new page as shown below

  • Recently we upgraded to OBM 10.71 and i see on menu bar on right side now events status is shown.

    I think it would be really nice to see agent health status in same area. this way status of agent is always in front of operators/Admin and we have overview of agent environment.

    and a click from here then redirect to page where this module is actually integrated.