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Integrations for BSMC should support more than one instance

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over 2 years ago

BSMC Connector Integration for e.g. HP SIM , Oneview support only one instance.

My customers have large environment and run up to 7 HP SIM and Oneview Server. As Oneview is an Appliance its not allowed to install BSMC on these appliance. So customer needs to setup 14!! BSMCs.

So it will be great if BSMC integrations support multiple instances for the integrations packages.

  • This would be good especially when you consider that HPSIM is not the only integration. Usually customers have a mix of products and integration points and when you start to configure Ops Bridge Connector in HA mode the number of integration points starts to climb. It is actually technically possible because it has been done for the Zenoss integration. So it should just be a matter of documenting the steps.