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Kubernetes MP monitoring in OMi

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago

Hi Team, this ER is from support case SD02114118. Below are the details:

  • Brief Description

We need a OMi monitor for Kubernetes like the one available for Docker.

  • Benefits / Value
    Have a fully featured Kubernetes monitoring application.

    I think that we are late in Kubernetes monitoring against our competitors (the customer is also evaluating different products to address a fully featured Kubernetes monitoring application as, for example, opensource Grafana+Prometeus).

    Kubernetes is the de facto standard in container orchestration and even our product suites are Kubernetes based.


    - Missing of topology creation in OMi
    - Missing of metrics dasboarding in OMi
    - Use of a single console (not OMi + Sitescope) to present data to the user


    Use the Sistescope Dynamic Docker Monitor ( via Heapster) but with a very partial coverage of requested features. 

    • Design details

Requested features:
- topology creation (Cluster, Namespaces, Pods, Containers, ... and their relationships)
- dynamic update of the topology to follow the changes in Kubernetes
- metrics and alerts
- dashboards


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