Idea ID: 1678569

Make IE a fully compatible browser to OBR

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Brief Description:
Apparently there are some small limitations when OBR is accessed through Internet Explorer (IE), whilst Chrome works and displays better.
Symptoms were discussed in SD02322xxx, SD02310xxx, SD02311xxx for example (feel free to contact me for the full case numbers)
Currently there's a limitation documented in the release notes for IE.
This request is to resolve this limitation in IE so that OBR Admin UI works also with IE.

IE is often the standard browser in customer's environments, whilst the use of alternative browsers (such as Chrome) may not always be possible.

  • OBR Admin UI is based on Grommet-Quantum UI framework which does have some known issues when rendered in IE browser; though not with other browsers like C hrome. Since this is an issue between the framework and IE, we cannot change it.