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Make OBM/OMi User interface more responsive and faster

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over 2 years ago

I know that this IDEA is pretty much general in shape, but i am still adding it because of the feedbacks from multiple customers and personal experience. I am sure if someone can fix such small small things, it really have a good impact on user satisfaction. Not to mention we have a  lot of features which we cant even compare with any other tools in the market. But the users who earlier was using OMW & OMU (especially the NOC people) who work with event browser, for them OMi is very much slow when it comes to the UI side. I will list down some of the major part which will need a UI response testing.

1) Event browser - when we double click the event browser to see event details, it comes very slow with a loading icon, but same data loads much faster when we use Event browser with details included (Another component)

2) Right clicks on top views - Response of right click on CI to see the details is terribly slow, especially when the view which we create have many relationships. I have seen it take exactly 32 seconds for a single right click response on a view ( Layered view ) with many relationships.

3) Monitored nodes - This page still use Java i believe, but showing a 1000 nodes screen takes pretty much time

4) Performance perspective - This is faster, but gets slower with more number of metrics on the same dashboard. 

Also i have seen, the response time of UI is different due to network difference ( Internal subnet and external ), Also due to Windows admin policies. So its better if we can provide some instructions for the best performance of our tool. If any one else have faced such issues, feel free to add their comments.


  •  The CI Resolver Cache is the main problem. It gets rebuilt over and over, correlates God knows what, etc. This is the glaring red flag.

  • With the OBM 2020.10 release the vast majority of the UIs was ported to HTML which should significantly improve the loading time and responsiveness in modern browsers.


  • Absolutely, this is highly expected we are 2019.11 still slow , customer is delighted with NNMi interface and disappointed with OBM though it is good in functional perspective. It's badly required improve likewise NNMi responsiveness, as there challenge s expected in other browsers support for Java, Flash.... better if any thick client including all requirements will be better.


  • Hi ,

    Some updates on this request:

    1) Event browser - this is an issue seen with the flash based event browser which is being replaced with HTML5 browser. So this performance issue with event details will be tracked and considered for HTML5 browser. Specifically, for this requirement, this idea is being marked as "under consideration"

    2) Right clicks on top views - generically, there have been some fixes in this area with 10.63, so please check it out. IF you still see issues in specific scenarios, then i suggest to open a support case for further investigation

    3) Monitored nodes - with 2018.11, improvements were made to monitored nodes UI to support higher number of nodes and the way it loaded the node so this issue should have been addressed with that

    4) Performance perspective - as we are working on the new UI framework for better data exploration use cases, this issue will be considered while testing the new UI. currently, there are no plans to enhance the existing performance perspective BUT if there are reproducible defects in this area, please open a support case

    Thanks & Regards,

    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX


  • This is good topic that I also vote for. As consultant I had many cases where OMi is sized correctly but still the performance was slower than expected and the reasons were various. There were also some Performance troubleshooting guides at the time that were very helpful but at some moment they stopped to be released. It will be good if we can get them back...

    Also does anyone know how many votes are needed for IDEA to considered?