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Monitor all Azure resources: add Log Analytics queries to OBM Azure MP

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago


Currently MF is developing Azure MP adding new resource monitoring based on requests by customers. But customers are using Azure PaaS services that are not covered by the MP.

If you add the possibility to execute Log Analytics queries and get the output of the query using the MP, we could monitor almost all resources in Azure, as they're usually integrated with Log Analytics.



Content - Integrations
  • Hi Azure Mp latest one not discovering the Azure backup failure alerts in the Recovery service vault and backup alerts on Azure portal.

  • Azure MP 2020.02 onwards, generic discovery allows discovery of all Azure resources as a generic cloud_service CIType. Then we can deploy generic monitoring aspects on these discovered CIs, thus monitoring all the resources being consumed in Azure for a particular account.

    There is no need to choose the route of using the Azure Log Analytics query.

  • We are currently looking into this and will come back with the plan

  • We have recently been asked to add all available Network Metrics for our Azure Resources.   We also are asked to display how many paas instances have been spawned to handle load as the load on our web sites goes up and down.  Our Developers want to be able to see this in a graph format, as well as to set thresholds around it.