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MS SQL Management Pack - Add option to not allow MP deleting instances in RTSM

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over 2 years ago

MP is removing the Ci  Instance and its sub-components in RTSM when we unassign the discovery policy from the node.

Would it be possible to add some flexibility in the management pack by makes adding an option to not allow  the removal of instances triggered by the agent ?

In our context, instances are imported in RTSM from our internal CMDB. We don't want to have them deleted by the MP.

  • Hello Florian, We've tested the filter in a more granulare scale but it didn't prevent the instance from being removed in RTSM. Here is the mapping we did:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Mapping xmlns:xsi="">" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../schemas/mapping.xsd">
            <Rule name="Filter DBSPI SQL Server Service Elements">
                            <OMType />
                            <DependencyCI relationType="hosted_on">
                                <True />
                                                   <IsDeletionCI />


     Best regards, Françoise

  • Hi,

    you can already disable the deletion of CIs by the discovery server (this does not affect deletion through CMDB sync) globally on the server since many releases:

    Infrastructure Setting:

    Operations Management - OM Topology Synchronization Settings 

    Skip CI Deletion

    Skip CI Deletion Disables (true) automatic deletion of CI when performing topology synchronization. CI deletion responsibility is transferred to RTSM CI ageing


    Even if you want to configure it on a more granular scale, you can do so by creating a respective topology sync mapping rule to filter out the deletion of CIs.

    Please let us know if this addresses your requirement. If not, please describe what is missing.

    Best regards,