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Need a hotfix or workaround for SiteScope issue QCCR1I127643

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

There is a known SiteScope issue QCCR1I127643.


It is about the error.log will be filled with following error messages.


ERROR - Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException


        at com.mercury.sitescope.platform.httpserver.HTTPRequest.printHeader(

        at com.mercury.sitescope.platform.httpserver.HTTPRequest.printHeader(

        at com.mercury.sitescope.platform.httpserver.HTTPRequest.printHeader(

        at com.mercury.sitescope.platform.httpserver.HTTPRequest.printErrorMessage(


        at com.mercury.sitescope.infra.threads.ThreadPool$SingleThread.runTask(

        at com.mercury.sitescope.infra.threads.ThreadPool$


It is said this issue won’t affect SiteScope performance and other functionalities.

However it is causing a great trouble to the customer. Since the error.log is filled with this error message, it is very hard to check other error messages when other errors happen in SiteScope.


Although it is said this issue will be fixed in future release of SiteScope. There is no news about when it will be fixed.


There are some customers suffering this issue.

So we are asking if we could have a common hotfix or workaround which could suspend this error message from coming out.

By the method, this issue could be solved temporarily until it finally fixed in future release.


Agentless (SiteScope)