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OA 12.1x support for Redhat 8.0 and Redhat 7.7

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over 1 year ago

As paying customer we were redirected to this community public forum by MFI Support.

We are looking for planned release date when MFI OA 12.1x will be supported on 

  • RedHat 8.0
  • RedHat 7.7

With following clarifications:

  • Will a new Hotfix be required to support the new version of Redhat ?
  • Will a new OA release (e.g. OA 12.12) be required to support the new version of Redhat ?

Note: We are aware of following request for OA @ Redhat 8.0

  • /it_ops_mgt/ops_bdg/i/opsbridge_idea_exchange/operations-agent-12-x-request-to-support-red-hat-enterprise-linux-8
  • /it_ops_mgt/ops_bdg/i/opsbridge_idea_exchange/operations-agent-support-on-sles-12-sp4-rhel-8-oel-7-6-ibm-vios-3-x

Those are related to OA's support on Redhat 8.0, without update for several months and do not provide the requested information.

The OA 12.1x  as listed in  SUMA 27.9.2019 -  does not show the Redhat 8.0 support either.



The MFI OA release is just entry point to a series of actions/pipeline until the OA is validated and certified for production use on thousands of customer systems.

Lack of OA roadmap is alarming as this makes OS upgrade/patching planning impossible and makes MFI OA a roadblock.
It impacts forecasting and nils confidence of our customers in toolset based on MFI products

Moreover putting business on mere mercy of answers on public forums, hoping for goodwill of responders is maybe not a setup one would expect as fit for enterprise software vendor.