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OA Provide additional memory metrics and TOTAL FREE MEMORY on Linux for SAP systems

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

SAP recommends memory metrics which are not available on Linux as of today [1].

The request is to have Linux metrics taken from /proc/meminfo:

  • MemFree
  • Cached
  • SwapTotal
  • SwapFree
  • Shmem

In addition, the following calculated metric:

  • TOTAL FREE MEMORY = (MemFree+Cached-Shmem)-(SwapTotal-SwapFree)


Status as of today:

  • GBL_MEM_FREE = MemFree + SReclaimable + Cached(Cached is not included if cachemem = user in parm file. Default is cachemem = free)
  • GBL_SWAP_SPACE_USED = SwapTotal – SwapFree
  • Shmem is not used in any metric calculation