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OBA - Support direct metrics from the Agent to see their information

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over 3 years ago

Support Case ID SD02165595

Customer would like to have metrics in OBA to consult.
OA collections collect information in form of metrics, for example hostname, timestamp and global metrics such as total CPU utilization, these metrics are transfered to OBA to be processed.

The OS where the Agent is installed is AIX 7.1.

Since OBA take metrics from the Agent, only the supported metrics by the Agent can come to OBA.
The version of Agent for OBA 3.02 is 12.x

The file reptall.ori (from the Agent) is a diccionary with metrics that the Agent takes in consideration.

For customer, the supported metrics are

The not supported metrics are

The metrics that are not in that file are not supported by the Agent.

However OBA converts metrics in high level functions
The file reptall.ori on the Agent host has all metrics, by default metrics are commented out with an asterisk * at the beginning, which they must be configured..

However OBA does not find that metrics directly since AQLs look for high level functions.
The idea for this Enhancement Request is that OBA can support direct metrics from the Agent.


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