Idea ID: 1682242

OBM dashboard widgets to work with No Filter even when Clear View Filter is not granted to operator

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

OBM 2018.11

We have the security requirement that users are not allowed to "clear view filter" as they may only see events for CIs for which they are responsible, and not for all CIs.

This will be achieved by user group assignments and event filters, and the "Clear View Filter" option for the event browser is not set.

In the current project, we need to define standard dashboards which work for all operators.
In the dashboard properties, we have to use certain event filters.
As view filter, we need to use <No Filter> as this must be generic.

Event browser and top view work, but the dashboard does not work.
The dashboard widgets stay empty and show error "No permission to clear view filter for Dashboard Widget ..."

It is not possible to create and mantain hundreds of individual dashboards.

The request is to have the option that the widgets work even when "Clear View Filter" is unset.



  • This idea was delivered with Operations Bridge 2019.05.

  • The Monitoring Dashboard will be enhanced to automatically overlay the event filter of a Dashboard Widget with a filter that selects only events that are assigned to the logged in user or one of his work groups in case there is no view filter set for the widget and the user does not have the "Clear View Filter" permission.

    This will allow to build dashboards with widgets that display e.g. the count of all events that are assigned to a user/work group across all views.