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OBM: License usage detailed information

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

In MF documentation the OM Target Connector usage is calculated on a daily basis.

  • OM for UNIX provides a command-line tool that you can run at any time to output the usage for the last 30 days, which you can average to determine the overall usage for license compliance purposes.

  • Micro Focus also provides a Target Connector license check utility that can be used with OM for UNIX and OM for Windows to list the nodes that may require a Target Connector license. For further details, see the HP Operations Manager Licensing Best Practices and Reporting Technical White Paper.


OBM calculates Target Connector usage in the same way on a daily basis. However, no such commands or utilities are available in OBM. The Agent, Management Pack, and Target Connector license usage is stored in the OBM database.


OBM reports consumption levels of the following types of licenses: Operations Bridge nodes, Operations Agents (System Collector) and Management Packs.


If you send info to OMi 10.1x from OpsC. Customer should know in detail the number how is the license being consumed by knowing which Nodes (target connectors or any other kind of node) are consuming licenses and the amount of them. 

This is important for customers so they can better understand what are they using their licenses on. 

After further discussion with R&D, this would be an ER. There should be a way to from CLI, JMX, DB query or any other method which should provide detailed info about how the Licenses are consumed in OBM so the customer audit department can gather this information properly. 



  • Hi Mamta, 

    Thanks for your answer, I have seen this request from different Sales guys who were managing their contract renewals with customers. Regarding the enhancement, does the ER tell the exact number of licenses being consumed?

     If it just tells whether a full node license or a reduce count license is being used I think it helps but the goal is not there, we need some strokes towards giving customer more info about what they spend their licenses with.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

  • Hi , with 2020.10OBM, we added some enhancement in this area where its possible to enable logging of nodes that are consuming full node license or reduced count license (for networks devices where ratio of 10:1 applies). but it still does not list which nodes are consuming agent and MP licenses. Does that help?

    Thanks & Regards,