Idea ID: 2700697

OBM needs a "user management role" or a set of permissions to allow user management functions

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Many customers assign a dedicated role of 'user management' to an individual within the operations management team.

A dedicated user role 'user management role' or a set of permissions (that can be applied to a role etc.) is needed, that will allow a user to perform 'user management' functions.

Currently, a user has to have Super-Admin rights to perform 'user management' and this presents an unacceptable security risk.

See for a deferred ER (from August 2016) with the same request.

  • Thanks for the idea.  This change would required some significant re-design of our user managment / permission handling in the current OBM code base and do not see an option to have this implemented in the next year.   We like the suggestion and we will take this as input to User Management  for OBM  next gen we are working on.

  • It is similar to Real user Monitor Security Administrator.. It can provide  good functionality